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Grandstream GWN7802



Switch GWN7802 de Grandstream, con 16 puertos Gigabit Ethernet, y 2 SFP, cuenta con la posibilidad de montaje en sobremesa o  pared. Este switch proporciona enlace cuadruple de IP, MAC, VLAN y puerto; ARP Check, IP Source Protection, DoS Protection, Port Security y DHCP Monitoring Device management a través de SNMP, RMON, CLI, HTTPS, TR069, GWN Manager, GWN.Cloud Advanced QoS  detecta y prioriza automáticamente audio/video de alta sensibilidad y baja latencia /RTP/VoIP/paquetes SIP.

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• 8K static, dynamic and filtering MAC addresses
• 4K VLANs, port-based VLAN, IEEE 802.1Q VLAN tagging, voice VLAN
• VLAN virtual interface
• 16 link aggregation groups
• Spanning tree, 64 instances for STP/RTSP/MSTP


• Auto detection and prioritization of voice/video/RTP/SIP/other latency-sensitive packets
• Port priority
• Priority mapping
• Queue scheduling, including SP, WRR, WFQ, SP-WRR and SP-WFQ
• Traffic shaping
• Rate limit
• 1.5K ACL for Ethernet, IPv4 and IPv6


CPU and memory monitoring, SNMP, RMON, LLDP&LLDP-MED, backup and restore, syslog, alert, diagnostics including Ping, Traceroute, port
mirroring, UDLD(TBD) and copper test


• User hierarchical management and password protection, HTTPS, SSH, Telnet
• 802.1X authentication
• AAA authentication including RADIUS, TACACS+
• Storm control
• Port isolation, port security, sticky MAC
• Filtering MAC address
• IP source guard, DoS attack prevention, ARP inspection
• DHCP Snooping
• Loop protection including BPDU protection, root protection and loopback protection
• Kensington Security Slot (Kensington Lock) suppor

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